Get Ready for Summer Camp!

by Rachel Werner

For Kidz Kamp – 8:30-9:00am
For all overnight camps – 6:00-7:00pm

For Kidz Kamp – 3:00pm the same day
For overnight camps – 3:00pm the last day of camp

*New this year
For overnight camps, a light evening meal is served the first night.

We are updating our policy to industry standards, cell phones are now on the “What Not to Bring” list


Canteen cards can be purchased for campers. These cards take the place of cash. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE CANTEEN.
Missions money can be designated for your child to give to the summer’s mission. Unused Canteen cards will be donated to the mission.
This summer all of our weeks of camp will be taking up offerings for Hippo Valley Christian Mission. Campers will also have the opportunity to sacrificially give to missions from their canteen card. An information table will be set-up near the check-in tables with more information about this mission.

Faculty members and campers are to abide by the schedule unless excused by the dean or Assistant Director.
No one is permitted to leave the camp without the permission of the Dean or Assistant Director. With permission, you must sign out at the camp office.
Any sickness/injury must be reported to the camp first aid care giver.
No one is to go barefoot on the camp grounds at any time.
Any camper causing property damage will be held accountable for the cost.
No food or drinks are allowed in the cabins or chapel.
In matters of dress, modesty must prevail at all times. No halter tops, tube tops, bare midriff, strapless tops, exposed underwear, “short” shorts, or shirts with inappropriate graphics or words. NO cleavage or buttocks should be visible.

The following behaviors will NOT be tolerated at Camp LRCA. Please report any of the following to the Camp Faculty or Staff IMMEDIATELY!

The use and/or possession of tobacco, drugs, and intoxicants
Sexual Misconduct
Self harm
Inappropriate language or conversation
Negative and disrespectful attitudes
Abuse of any kind (verbal, physical or sexual)
Keeping medications
Using cellphones

Camp Staff reserves the right to reprimand or dismiss any camper or faculty member who does not conform to these guidelines.

… to overnight camps
Bedding: Sleeping bag or twin sheets, blanket, pillow
Toiletries: Soap, towels, toothbrush & toothpaste, comb/brush, deodorant, shampoo, sun block, insect repellent
Clothing: Casual, comfortable clothes for any time, play clothes for outside fun, shoes, socks, underwear, pajamas, jacket, hat
Swimwear: Girls are required to wear one-piece suits; boys are to wear trunks
Miscellaneous: Flashlight, camera, BIBLE, notebook, pen/pencil
Label your stuff: Putting your name on all your belongings will help in recovering lost and found items. What is not picked up will be donated to help others.

… to Kidz Kamp
Bring swimsuit, towel, and sun block.
Dress in fun play clothes.

No weapons, guns, knives, fireworks.
Leave all electronics at home: CD player, iPod, MP3 player, video games.
Leave any valuables at home.
Cell Phones are not permitted. This is a common policy among Christian camps because of privacy concerns, safety issues, and the affect it can have on homesickness and a camper’s ability to disconnect. We want to set all campers up for the best possible camp experience.

To send your child mail at camp, use the camp address. Make sure the camper’s name and camp week are plainly written on the outside of the letter or package.
You can also send a camper telegram using our new online registration system.

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